Shenzhen Yongteng Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Yong Teng Group) is mainly engaged in security video surveillance equipment manufacturers and chemical decorative materials production enterprises, project contracting decoration business as one-stop diversified production and service era enterprise.

We offer the following products and services:
       Our security monitoring equipment brands include: various types of cameras (white light cameras, speed ball, speed ball, zoom series, analog network camera series, the series of high-definition network cameras, HD-SDI HD camera, zoom camera, car camera, people Face recognition digital HD 750TVL, CMOS 650TVL IR-CUT series accessories). Monitor, image processor, electronic signal transmitter, liquid crystal displays, optical lenses, network communications equipment, audio equipment, program-controlled telephone switching equipment and modems, and other security products, remote monitoring equipment business. Our products are widely used in banking, electricity, transportation, public security, shopping malls, residential areas and the factories and mines enterprises. Security Products in promoting Chinas modernization process, and always walk in the forefront of domestic and foreign counterparts. Has been assessed: Chinese F1 Formula strategic partner, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chengdu, Erdos five races - the stadium, track, racing, the only officially designated surveillance cameras, won the "China Security famous enterprises," the honorary title!

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Array server IP (SAN)

Hd 32 road network hard

Hd 16 road network hard

Hd 8 road network hard

Hd 4 road network hard

1.3 million type infrar

Active receiver

On-board camera private

Strong electromagnetic

Passive 485 converter

DVR-8 road /16 alarm ho

LED white light

3 million pixel lens (n

Adjustable automatic ap

Import lens low illumin

small lens

BNC connector

Indoor ordinary aluminu

All aluminum reinforced

All reinforced aluminum

Heavy support

Heavy support

L bracket (aluminum all

I stent (aluminum alloy

Yuntai duck tsui stents

Small stents (iron plat

Concentrated power supp




8/16 way active receive

4 way active twisted-pa

active transmitter

8-way Passive twisted-p

Active twisted-pair tra

Anti-interference passi

1.3 million pixels gun

High-speed ball movemen

150 m infrared high-spe

Intelligent high-speed

60M white light the lam

80 m infrared waterproo

60 m infrared waterproo

50 m infrared waterproo

30 m array infrared wat

30 m infrared waterproo

Shenzhen GuiFangYuan

baoan century spring ci

Guangzhou fuli taoyuan

Guangzhou lijiang garde

Guangzhou HuaYiTai inte

Wan hui hotel huizhou

Huizhou sea bay resort

Hd 1 million infrared n

1 million network hd hi

Millions of hd househol

1 million mini type inf

1.3 million high-defini

1.3 million P high-defi

Hd gun camera (not incl

1.3 million hd gun type











100 m infrared waterpro

80 m infrared waterproo

50 m infrared waterproo

YT - H68 / WT6 70 m inf
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